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Light is a perfect energy and from light we obtain a “perfect” feeding current

The goal was to find an new, innovative system of power supply, free from noise, interferences, oscillations. ALHENA is a system powered by an artificial light source. Light is a source of “perfect” energy, and the transformation of its energy generates a “perfect” current. The result is a noticeable improvement in terms of resolution and noise reduction on digital circuits and linear integrated circuits, as well as in the amplification processes.

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Definitive cancellation of spurious signals interactions

The undesired interaction between the stages of the same apparatus occurs by the spurious signals added to the input signal causing an alteration of the signal itself. MIRA allows to resolve the problem by separating the power supply section into different sub-sections, each of one powered with ALHENA technology. Sections have no common point of return and an interaction between the photons emitted from the light source upstream is not possible. The result is a complete cancellation of the interaction phenomena.


Eliminate the nefarious conductor materials

The distortion in high frequency and the modulation constraint of medium audio frequency, caused by the copper used for the electric wires, are audible. A possible solution of the problem is the application of filters or compensating networks, but by introducing other potential drawbacks. BLUWIRE solve the problem in a new and entirely satisfactory manner by means of a patented alloy (consisting of appropriate selected metallic elements in precise percentages) deposited on the surface of metal wires.


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